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June is Pride Month; Acceptance, compassion towards others, embracing your individual identity

I first want to start this blog by referring you to my website, It is my

hope to establish this non-profit organization implementing yoga and mindfulness into

school curriculum to infuse in our children adaptive coping skills to moderate extreme

emotions, resulting in violence, bullying, and mean behaviors. It is also my hope to

school faculty and staff to collaborate with students, parents, and their community to

promote multiculturalism, acceptance of different identities, compassion towards others,

receptivity how a child is being raised at home and their traditions. Public schools and

even some private schools that don't rely on state funding, are concerned about scores on

standardized tests; yes "standardized." There is nothing "standard" about each child and

these tests don't take into account cultural biases and differences. Spending so much time

teaching to a "standardized" tests so that schools can be allocated money based on how

well their students "fill in the bubbles" is crazy in a society where violence in schools,

bullying, and overall fear of going to school amongst children is skyrocketing.

It is time to take the "standards" out of completely consuming a majority of schools'

curriculum and focus on teaching coping skills, acceptance, compassion, morals,

embracing gender differences and orientations, cultures, ethnicities, and religions.

Marginalizing students that "don't fit in," failing to pay attention to concerning behaviors,

and ignoring reports of concerning or threatening behaviors about harming themselves or

others, is definitely a larger issue than teaching how to take standardized tests or teaching

to the test. The size difference is even larger than comparing the entire world to a small

rural town. Isn't it time for a change?

Please see my website for more extensive and in depth research along with different


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