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Smalltown Yoga Strong During COVID19!  Breath and Move!

These are such trying times and many of us feel trapped, worried about our own coping mechanisms and when they will just break down and worried about how our children are going to be able to continue to cope without many of their normal supports and routines.  How do we create new routines and a "normal" that is healthy for ourselves and our children, whose coping mechanisms are not nearly fully developed and are just emerging?  How do we create a sense of stability, groundedness, balance, and loving kindness in such a global pandemic and where people are not treating each other and modeling (especially higher up) at times with respect, kindness, and compassion?  If and when our children go back to schools with masks on, not being able to touch or hug friends, no shared papers or group projects, how will their social and emotional development be impacted?  Obviously, it will.  This goes without question.  Obviously and most unfortunately a large majority of those in this nation are not faced with academic concerns of whether their children will be able to read or write, add or subtract, spell, or know geography, learn the scientific method, or history, many families are faced with whether their children will have enough food and whether they will be able to have enough social and emotional supports.  Increasing rates of poverty and hunger along with unreported cases of child abuse threaten to increase the rates of adverse childhood events (i.e trauma) and with current circumstantial restrictions and limited resources we are forced to find ways and provide different skills and outlets that are socially distant but emotionally supportive.  Social distancing does not equate emotional distancing.  We need, more than ever, to empower students to feel confident and grounded in their ability to soothe themselves and to cope with the increased set of obstacles that we all face.  

In keeping with this, it is my hope to post some kids yoga videos and ideas (while also taking care of my own zoo of children!) to help initiate what I believe should be a movement to keep strong and confident, grounded and stable, on a socially distanced yoga mat.  Wouldn't it be cool if schools in-person and/or remotely focused time and energy on mindfulness and grounding exercises as well as academic exercises?  A yoga mat not only provides a socially distanced space, but it provides a safe space and stable ground for students as well as adults.

In addition to these videos (and I hope to include many more), feel free to also visit my website that includes and outlines many mindfulness resources and exercises for individuals of all ages.  

15-20 minutes preschoolish yoga breath and move! 

Purple Valley Aquatics Yoga (ages 10ish-16ish)

Ruby and I decided to have a little fun and tape a (about 20 minute preschool yoga class) - There is a prepotty session and post potty session :)  Gotta love working with kiddos!!!!!!!!

January 27th - Okay we are in 2021 - still no school and now no snow days?  For real?  Have fun with this fun and funny snowga and snowvasana class!

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