In this very challenging and difficult time, we must come together and enjoy the internal beauty of our members of the community and each other as well as the external beauty of the sheer awe and amazing environment that we live in!  This picture was taken at the top of Mount Greylock, June 8th, 2020.  A challenge for us all is to just for at least one moment a day to feel like we are on top of the world.  What was your moment today?  

Week 1 - 6/9/2020 - Excuse the gallery view!!!!!

This is an opportunity for us to peacefully be together, to create a moment where we feel on top of the world, and a sense of wellbeing that we can be part of change and greatness in this world of uncertainty.  


June 16 - Spotify playlist HOPE, FAITH, AND RESILIENCE.  Zoom failed me for a little while, so there is a video - part 1(see you-tube link) and an audio -part 2 (see link) :) 

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Part 1

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Part 2 - audio only

Happy Father's Day to all of those fathers out there! Here's an attempt at a peaceful and challenging yoga practice with the reality of little kiddos in the background! The reality of a yoga instructor and mother of 3 under 6 on a hot day as we are in month 4 of quarantine and COVID life! Sweaty shirt, grimy children who have drawn with sharpies on themselves while mother wasn't looking (oops) and ate the goldfish snack that you had left outside just before lunch... counts as protein for lunch being a fish? The lighting, video recording and positioning of the computer set high so little people don't touch it, is all imperfect! My mind and practice today slightly feeling out of sorts, but the reality of the whole scene, the sweetness of the finale of the class as little people contemplate ice cream doesn't get more real, more loving, and more sweet! To all fathers out there (and mothers) - NAMASTE :)

Happy 2020 Father's Day week(end)- Playlist = Family/Father's Day

Tuesdays outside!  Enjoy this powerful flow from June 23rd!  

Last day of June power flow!  Play to June 30th playlist found on Spotify @amysosne!  Enjoy :) 

Enjoy this powerful July 10th Flow - Playlist July 10th (yes not very creative!)

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