Two months later, I have changed the peak that I posted.  August 9th, the 6 of us (including Mindi) climbed to the top of Spruce Hill.  All of us were in awe of this summit view.  The view and the "high" from the hike allowed my focus and balance to "dance" on this uneven rock surface.  What are you climbing today (real or metaphorically) and what are you trying to currently balance (also real or metaphorically?) 

Week 1 - 6/9/2020 - Excuse the gallery view!!!!!

This is an opportunity for us to peacefully be together, to create a moment where we feel on top of the world, and a sense of wellbeing that we can be part of change and greatness in this world of uncertainty.  



June 16 - Spotify playlist HOPE, FAITH, AND RESILIENCE.  Zoom failed me for a little while, so there is a video - part 1(see you-tube link) and an audio -part 2 (see link) :) 

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Part 1

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Part 2 - audio only

Happy Father's Day to all of those fathers out there! Here's an attempt at a peaceful and challenging yoga practice with the reality of little kiddos in the background! The reality of a yoga instructor and mother of 3 under 6 on a hot day as we are in month 4 of quarantine and COVID life! Sweaty shirt, grimy children who have drawn with sharpies on themselves while mother wasn't looking (oops) and ate the goldfish snack that you had left outside just before lunch... counts as protein for lunch being a fish? The lighting, video recording and positioning of the computer set high so little people don't touch it, is all imperfect! My mind and practice today slightly feeling out of sorts, but the reality of the whole scene, the sweetness of the finale of the class as little people contemplate ice cream doesn't get more real, more loving, and more sweet! To all fathers out there (and mothers) - NAMASTE :)

Happy 2020 Father's Day week(end)- Playlist = Family/Father's Day

Tuesdays outside!  Enjoy this powerful flow from June 23rd!  

Last day of June power flow!  Play to June 30th playlist found on Spotify @amysosne!  Enjoy :) 

Enjoy this powerful July 10th Flow - Playlist July 10th (yes not very creative!)

Enjoy this powerful flow!  More upbeat playlist (inspired by recent getaway to Lake Champlain!  Playlist is vacation :). 

Power Flow Tuesday!  Perfect weather!  Wish we could freeze this moment and this blissful hour in time!

Happy rainy day Tuesday!  Enjoy the flow!  It'S AUGUST!!!!!!!!!

Fast and furious 30minutish flow, just because we all need to really move and breath and don't always have that full hour to get in our yoga fix!!!!!!  Taped August 6th

Yay for nice weather!  Powerful vinyasa practice outside August 11th!  Enjoy :)

A motivated fast flow with the cutest little sidekick :)  Really priceless, but definitely take your own svasana at the end sans any of my household distractions!!!!!!!

Mid-August powerful vinyasa flow!  Enjoy and sorry that I forgot to stop the recording after - you can ignore (or not) our socialization (distanced - of course! after!). 

A 35 minute fast flow!  I get inspired to practice yoga when I'm teaching so it's helping my practice significantly as well and I feel like I can connect in some way to other yogis :)

Pre-vacation fast flow - 35 minutes of just what I needed at least!  Hopefully you will enjoy it too!  Disregard the distractions of the kids, the grandfather, and packing concerns!  But, hey, this is life!!!!!!

So I decided to create a rainy day fast challenging flow.  This will test your ability to zone out my distractions (so many) while working on your flow!  Yes there are so many imperfections and this is hard for me to even post given my nature!  But, it's so important for us to embrace imperfections, share them, laugh at them, and be proud of them!  So...the lighting is off, my neck woke up twisted and cranky so my inversions are imperfect, the baby is in and out, etc.  Play to the playlist "we are strong!" (@amysosne on Spotify)

Just another day in COVID times.  I needed to tape this fast, powerful flow to motivate myself and to hold myself accountable in all of this chaos for practicing yoga. Afterwards, I was sweaty, relaxed and able to take on more little voices and clean up more messes!  Just remember yoga is about the movement and breath and how that can transform your mood and empower you in even the toughest of circumstances.  Yoga is not about performance.  Power and strength is a feeling, not a balance or inversion.  

This is over two weeks of quarantining with 3 young children, working in a job I love but would love to do it without holding a baby on zoom and logging kids into seesaw in the background.  In the past two weeks I have created many videos that I've then deleted, because there were too many distractions, too much yelling too much "un"calmness.  But I decided to finally post this class, because it's real and there will be no other way to post classes that are in the zen-like setting that I may crave.  But as individuals living through this pandemic, we need to carve out zen in chaos, we need to "socially" distance on our yoga mats.  (Note that no child is on my yoga mat during this chaos!). We also need to appreciate that there is chaos that this virus hasn't paralyzed the healthy of my gamily (knocking on wood here), it's inconvenienced my family and made us feel mentally drained and Ruby feel slightly crummy and tired and feverish for a day or two.  But we are strong still.  Strong enough to yell, scream, to be annoying, and to be distracting.  And that is what I'm embracing right now.  

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