Please visit "It's Time For Yoga!" channel for all classes!  Or you can always search YouTube for Amy Sosne.  40 yoga classes so far posted in COVID lifetime!  These videos are what help to keep me sane, engaged in my personal practice, and imagining others practicing with me through distractions, little voices, remote learning, and utter chaos.  Keeping the breathing and the practice real has helped me to remain strong and will help us all be resilient, flexible, and capable of facing fears and obstacles whenever and wherever.  Do not sacrifice your physical and mental well-being to COVID.  Continuing to take care of yourself and your needs by carving out a little time each day (even just 20-30 minutes) for you to get your body moving and your mind focused on the present, is absolutely necessary and in the long term will make you a more efficient, productive, happier, and stronger person.  Without sounding to preachy, I must say that maintaining mental and physical well-being during a pandemic can be nearly impossible without giving yourself some certainties in your life that you can look forward to and ingrain in your daily schedule.  We recognize and must accept what we can't control; schools opening, childcare, those around us who may get sick or are exposed to COVID, whether or not we have job security, or feel depressed, anxious, and isolated at times, seeing parents and grandparents, cousins, and those outside of our immediate familiar pod, but we can control carving out time for ourselves 20-30 minutes (ideally one hour) a day to do something that is good for our bodies and minds.  Maybe you do this at the same time every day, maybe you do a morning meditation for 20minutes each day and an afternoon run or bike ride.  Maybe you start your day with a half hour run and end your day with a 30minute yoga practice.  Maybe you practice yoga for an hour one day and do something else another day.  Maybe you jump into the green river in the middle of the winter when you really need a reset (I do this - it is cold, but definitely snaps me out of a funk!).   Whatever it is, do not give up on that time for yourself.  If you think of it as being selfish, than think of it as being selfless.  You investing this time for yourself will positively impact all of those around you.