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Challenging yoga poses and challenging obstacles in life, require strengthening of the body and mind

This week as I continue to get stronger, but still feel the discomfort of surgery (and perhaps just my body settling into it's new "structure" shall we say) along with the discomforts of normal aches and pains that I'm told (but have difficulty accepting) we all get after the age of 35, I've decided to work on short strengthening exercises that make me feel empowered and stronger and more ready to take on the "larger pose" or challenge. Okay, that was a complete run-on sentence (luckily my English teacher is not editing with the infamous red pen that used to put in commas and periods to my run-on sentences!). I do feel that a blog is an insight into how the mind (or my mind for that matter) works, as so, it does give me some license to ignore punctuation to a certain extent (my kids are too young to read this, so I feel comfortable saying this!).

So, I started a new video channel on this site with the first pose and strengthening focus on handstands. If you follow me on YouTube, it is just uploaded as the handstand strengthening exercise video. I started with handstand, because I wanted to break down and provide strengthening exercises for some of the most fun but yet "scary" poses. Handstand has always been a challenge for me since I don't like to fall over and lose control (metaphor for everything in life! But without facing and dissecting challenges, we cannot move forward). I, also, believe it or not NEVER mastered a cartwheel - never! When I was first taught in a workshop to try handstands, I was taught if you lose balance to go into a cartwheel... problem for me! So, I wanted to start with a pose that I find scary and challenging and that also relies a lot on the core. If we strengthen our core, the foundation of our body and our being, we can "master" anything, or at least find our inner strength and become more confident and satisfied with our performance and with ourselves. We don't have to master this pose, but have fun, get stronger, and make it less "scary." I will use this workshop series (I've only done the handstand, but now I guess I'm held accountable for more!) to breakdown as series to help build confidence and strength even if you don't physically "master" the poses. Don't judge yourself! (I'm queen of that and let me tell you 37 years of judging myself is not easy and I DEFINITELY need to break the judgment cycle and find compassion for myself). Remember, if you take or work on "challenging" poses or anything in your life, the variables, circumstances, and how you feel changes on any given day.

Do not compete with yourself (boy am I really putting my foot in my mouth!) You are what you are TODAY, BE PRESENT. FIND STRENGTH IN THE MOMENT and do not dwell on what you did or what you think you could do. Embrace the "you" today. Without this self-acceptance, we remain on a hamster wheel running and running without finding the satisfaction of arriving (or the cycling bike or treadmill :) Remember! I preach this, but I AM NOT A GOOD FOLLOWER! These lessons and these words are just as much for me to read over and over as they are for all of us. If I didn't have this problem and didn't fall into the overachieving and competing with oneself race (or others), than I would not know the negative consequences and demoralizing path that this creates. Every day has the ability to be a new beginning and a new chapter. Close the old one and start fresh. If you get stuck in the past, or the would be, should be, could be, but I'm not today, three deep breaths. Reset, refocus. And if this doesn't work then jump in cold water or take a cold shower like me (this will snap you out of it!). Thanks all! Look out for more in the series!

And for those Pine Cobble Buddies, you may recognize this picture - BASE CAMP. THIS IS WHERE IT ALL STARTS!!!!!! Firm foundation!

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