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Although Smalltown Yoga is no longer open, I still live in a wonderful Smalltown and I still firmly believe that yoga (breathing and moving and linking the two!) is and will help to empower us as babies, toddlers, grade school children, high school children, young adults, and adults (and even dogs - you'll see Mindi's debut!).  I continue to try to update my blog with new and relevant information/reflections as well as add more resources and research to my other website that is focused more on education, 

Since I LOVE to teach (I would really prefer in person!), and I find it motivating in order to grow and sustain my own yoga practice, I also try to upload free zoom classes as well that generally are powerful vinyasa flows with clear linking of breath and movement.  My belief and what has worked for my own mental wellbeing is that in any movement or activity that we are engaged in, awareness of breath, slowing down breathing, taking deeper breaths, and linking inhalations and exhalations to movement enhance mental and physical wellbeing and performance levels.  The linkage or "breathe in motion," as I call it, increases the positive energy flow that results in stronger physical and mental stamina.

Though I know longer have my studio, I do teach yoga in educational communities as well as occasionally in other venues and I do look forward to hopefully being able to offer some yoga classes outdoors this summer!

See my website that includes research on the benefits o yoga/mindfulness as well as resources for incorporating yoga and mindfulness in classrooms, schools, home, and athletics.

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